The 1,300 acres of the Jones Swamp Wetland Preserve is one of the last significant wildlife corridors in the greater Pensacola area. Urbanization in the area threatens the preserve’s ability to support wildlife and public recreation. While Escambia County has led efforts to improve the health of the watershed in recent years, Bayou Chico and Jones Creek remain listed as “impaired” under section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act.

The proposed project will develop and implement a comprehensive management plan for the Jones Swamp Wetland Preserve. Full implementation of the plan will include fire management, invasive species control, wetland restoration, riparian buffer expansion, wildlife habitat improvements, wetland restoration, public access, trail construction, and a public education program. This project is scalable depending on funding availability. The project will benefit wildlife, water quality, and recreational opportunities.

PROJECT COST: $1,034,000
PARTNERS: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Additional Benefits:

  • Acres Supporting Recreation: 1,300
  • Potential Population Benefiting: 11,300
  • Socially Vulnerable Population Benefiting: 7,600
State, Estuary, and Project Type for this project:
Florida Pensacola Bay Coastal Wetlands