McKay Bay is near a heavily industrialized area and is one of the few remaining places in Tampa Bay that routinely has poor water quality. Nonetheless as many as 200 different species of birds have been seen in the area and it is also important for numerous fish species. Several projects are currently being implemented that will improve the health of McKay Bay.

This effort is a collaboration between state, private and nonprofit partners to create 16 acres of new oyster reefs along the eastern shoreline of McKay Bay. Other restored oyster reefs in McKay Bay have shown good recruitment and survival, which suggests this area will also be suitable. The project will construct a series of subtidal and intertidal oyster reefs that will benefit water quality, protect shorelines and create habitat.

PROJECT COST: $1,740,000
PARTNERS: Port of Tampa Bay, Southwest Florida Water Management District

Additional Benefits:

  • Acres supporting Recreational and Commercial Fishing: 16
  • Socially Vulnerable Population Benefiting: 7,000
  • Critical Facilities in Vicinity: 7
State, Estuary, and Project Type for this project:
Florida Tampa Bay Oyster Reefs & Shorelines