Less than one percent of the Chenier Plain’s unique prairies and coastal wetlands remain in a pristine state. The Gordy Marsh project would protect 1,800 acres of wetlands and shoreline habitats, including 900 acres of some of the highest quality coastal wetlands remaining in Chambers County. The project would also protect 400 acres of additional prairie and wetlands. An erosion control breakwater would establish marsh habitats along Trinity Bay and would protect 2.2 miles of shoreline. This area has a gradual slope and is prime for marsh migration in response to forecasted local sea level rise.

PROJECT COST: $9,400,000
LEAD ORGANIZATION: Galveston Bay Foundation

Additional Benefits:

  • Socially vulnerable population: 3,900
  • Potential tons carbon storage: 4,176
  • Critical facilities in vicinity: 15
State, Estuary, and Project Type for this project:
Texas Galveston Bay Habitat Protection