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The National Wildlife Federation’s Gulf Restoration Experts


David Muth

Director, Gulf of Mexico Restoration Programs

(504) 348-3518 — email



Amanda Fuller

Deputy Director, Gulf of Mexico Restoration

(512) 610-7773 — email



Amanda Moore

Deputy Director, Mississippi River Delta Restoration

(504) 273-4838 — email



Jessica Bibza

Florida & Alabama Policy Specialist

(727) 424-9957 — email



Alisha Renfro

Staff Scientist – Mississippi River Delta Restoration

(504) 943-1565 — email



Jessie Ritter

Director, Water Resources & Coastal Policy

(202) 797-6886 — email



Lacey McCormick

Senior Communications Manager

(512) 610-7765 — email



Make a Difference for the Gulf

  • Call your senators and representatives and ask them to support Gulf restoration based upon sound science.
  • If you live in one of the Gulf states, contact your local NWF policy specialist above for ways you can weigh in with state and local decision-makers. There are several opportunities for public input each year.
  • Be mindful of your local waterway. Roughly 60 percent of the continental United States ultimately drains to the Gulf of Mexico. Preventing pollution begins at home – simple steps like picking up pet waste and using low impact yard care practices can make a big difference if we all work together.

Lead Authors of Making the Most of Restoration: Priorities for a Recovering Gulf
Ryan Fikes and Lacey McCormick

Contributing Authors
Jessica Bibza, Amanda Fuller, Susan Kaderka, Jill Mastrototaro, David Muth, Alisha Renfro, Jessie Ritter and Glenn Watkins.

Special Acknowledgment
The National Wildlife Federation would like to give a special thanks to Riley Egger, who served as an intern for NWF’s Gulf Restoration Program, for her diligent and thoughtful work on this report.