The Florida Department of Transportation has included a new span of the Howard Frankland Bridge in its 5-year work plan, and the agency is open to including an opening in the existing western causeway if funding were made available. Modeling results indicate that this opening, while expensive, may be the most cost-effective way to improve water quality in an area of Tampa Bay that is experiencing increasingly frequent harmful algal blooms.

Reducing nutrient pollution throughout the watershed will continue to be crucial for Tampa Bay’s overall recovery, but enhancing flushing rates via this opening in the causeway will improve circulation, benefitting water quality and habitats. The project should also increase recreational opportunities and overall quality of life for Tampa Bay residents.

PROJECT COST: $15,000,000 to $50,000,000
LEAD ORGANIZATION: Tampa Bay Estuary Program
PARTNERS: Florida Department of Transportation

Additional Benefits:

  • Potential Population Benefiting: 58,500
  • Socially Vulnerable Population Benefiting: 8,300
  • Acres Supporting Recreation: 51,000
State, Estuary, and Project Type for this project:
Florida Tampa Bay Hydrologic Restoration